Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Doctor is In

Who doesn’t love a confusingly eccentric Time Lord who goes around saving the world?  Dr. Who (his real name is exceedingly hard to pronounce) originally premiered on November 23, 1963 starring English character actor William Hartnell, who would go on to be known as the First Doctor.  One of the many pieces of trivia from the show’s long franchise is how the original “time and relative dimensions in space” machine (TARDIS) in which the Doctor and his companions travel got its distinctive external appearance.  It was actually supposed to "blend in" to wherever and whenever it appeared, as a disguise – such as a column in ancient Rome, perhaps a pagoda in China, who knows.  But after constructing the famous blue police box for the first episode, the producers realized they did not have the budget for such extravagance.  It was much easier to claim that the time machine’s “chameleon circuit” was broken, and the police box remained forever after.  I personally grew up during the Tom Baker era, the Fourth Doctor, who brought an impish charm and charisma to the role as he dashed about the universe in his striped scarf while eating Jelly Babies. 

TARDIS Box by Richard Giaimo

To celebrate the release of the landmark “Season 11” which premieres around the world on October 7 (2018) I thought it apropos to feature a TARDIS puzzle box.  The new season is only season 11 if counting from the program’s revival in 2005, but the thirty-seventh season overall.  Dr. Who has spanned generations.  I should say, re-generations, since the lead role relies on the premise that the Doctor, an alien “Time Lord” from the planet Gallifrey, will take on a new body every so often as he travels through space and time.  It’s about time too that the Doctor visits the modern era.  For the first time ever, the new iteration of the Doctor will be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker, who will now go on to be known as the Thirteenth Doctor.  James Bond, take note.

I can't list the box's dimensions, there are far too many ...

The TARDIS box is the unique creation of wood working hobbyist and musician Richard Giaimo from Cape Cod, who modeled it after the 1970’s Tom Baker era iteration.  Fashioned from birch and painted with watercolor blue, the box is decorated internally with printed graphics which recreate the internal time machine and control panel from that era.  On top there is a functioning blue light.  There are three or four internal compartments which are fairly easy to find, as well as two others which are more cleverly hidden away, including one extremely sneaky and well disguised compartment which is easy to overlook.  The box is styled as roguish folk art, a bit rough, full of surprises and incredibly charming, just like Tom Baker’s Dr. Who. 

Banana daiquiri by Dr. Who c. 1750?

Die hard Dr. Who fans will know about his proclivity towards bananas.  He loves them.  Bananas make an appearance now and again throughout the show’s history, like a long standing running joke.  In “The Girl in the Fireplace” (season 2, episode 4, 2005), the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, travels back in time to Versailles where / when he apparently invents / invented the banana daiquiri.  Good thing he was carrying a banana at the time.  Of course, I had to make a banana daiquiri to toast the good Doctor and this TARDIS.  The daiquiri, as everyone now knows, is the simple and delicious combination of rum, lime and sugar.  This version (with said banana) from Caitlyn Jackson of Geraldine’s in Austin, Texas ups the ante with banana liqueur.  I threw in some extra banana as well, which I know is bananas, but I found it appealing.  You’re gonna love it – a bunch!  Here’s to the new Doctor Who, it’s about Time. Cheers!

What do you call a shoe made from a banana? A slipper ...

Banana Daiquiri adapted from Caitlyn Jackson

1 ½ oz aged rum
¾ oz fresh lime
½ oz Giffard Banana liqueur
¼ oz simple syrup
½ ripe banana

Muddle the banana in the bottom of a tin then shake all ingredients with ice.  Strain into a favorite glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with banana TARDIS.

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana

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